Additional information & background

Since grapefruit seed extract was introduced to the German market in the mid nineties, a great deal of background information has been produced all about the topic of grapefruit seed extract. For example, this versatile plant extract has been reported on in numerous articles in magazines, trade and professional journals and television reports.

The well-known German TV health expert Professor Hademar Bankhofer has also presented grapefruit seed extract in detail in an episode of the series “Spektrum Gesundheit”. Various books have been written on the subject and translated into several languages.

Recent developments

For some time now, there are “grapefruit seed extracts” being marketed that contain bio-alcohol as a main ingredient. In this connection, it is important to know that all of the field reports, studies, etc. published to date dealt exclusively with alcohol-free grapefruit seed extract.

Thus these positive results are by no means transferable to extracts containing alcohol. Moreover, one should view these alcoholic preparations with a very critical eye, since their use would be ill-advised for young people, pregnant women or persons with alcohol problems.

CitroBiotic® is a high-quality grapefruit seed extract

  • In a formulation that has proven itself for years
  • Naturally without alcohol
  • Of certified organic quality
  • Without pesticide residues
  • Free of benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, triclosan
  • CitroBiotic® is produced in Germany according to stringent hygienic standards
  • Subject to continuous quality control