Everything under control: From fruit plantation to final product

In the course of the last few years, the quality and number of certified plantations has increased, so that plenty of fruit is available for production. We manufacture CitroBiotic® using only organic grapefruit from correspondingly certified growers. The fruit comes – depending on seasonal availability – mainly from Southern Europe. As soon as they are delivered in Germany and pass quality control, the grapefruits are cleaned thoroughly and prepared for further processing and extraction.

By means of various thermo-physical procedures, the valuable secondary plant compounds are gently extracted in a multistage extraction process – naturally under pharmaceutical clean-room conditions and in compliance with stringent standards of hygiene and continuous quality control. Afterwards the extract is bottled, labeled and subjected to a final inspection.

One might well ask why we go to all this time and expense, especially since women’s magazines now and again recommend simply drying and chopping up your own grapefruit seeds and peels. However, the results are often dubious. Simple crushing only breaks down the coarse structures of the seeds, thus making the valuable secondary plant compounds only partly available to the body. CitroBiotic®, which is available at your pharmacy or health food store, offers you an alternative.